Cool High-tech Atmospheric Detection Weather Network

Welcome to the CHAD Weather network!



About Our Project

The CHAD Weather network is a collaborative effort among friends hosting weather observing instruments across the contiguous United States. We began the project because there were no products that did what we wanted to do. We took it to ourselves to make something we wanted in a weather data display system. We currently run X stations in X states, all continuously updating information minutely. You can find maps and simplistic textual displays of our data for your viewing pleasure. Data archival is done on location for each station and can be digitally delivered upon request.

While we upload fixed point weather data as standard, we also have mobile mesonet capabilities. During select time periods you may also be able to observe up to the minute live mobile mesonet data while our group performs data collection.


Please note while data is near real time, this does not equate to a quality controlled product. Never base important decisions off the information presented here. Please consult the National Weather Service and associated branches of the Department of Commerce for up to date weather information.