Harrison Hanson

When I was little my Mom put on a PBS documentary series titled “Hunt for the Supertwister.” This show was what first set off my interest for tornadoes. Some time later (around 2007), my Dad introduced me to “Storm Chasers.” Both of us would watch it together for the whole 5 seasons, it really got me hooked on storm chasing. I’d often go on the computer and have my Dad search “tornadoes” on YouTube since I didn’t know how to spell yet. I would watch tornado videos for hours. Many ranging from real storm chasers to the older slideshow/compilations with background music to simulations and renders.

Tim Samaras from Storm Chasers was a real inspiration for me. Something about deploying instrumentation in the path of a tornado and measuring data was mesmerizing. As a kid I even “re-created” one of his probes by taping an orange smoke bomb to a pyramid shaped cardboard box.

From then on my passion continued to grow. Watching more footage, learning about meteorology, and meeting like-minded friends are all fuel to the fire. My plans for the future include going to the University of Washington or University of Oklahoma (hopefully.) I’d major in meteorology with a minor in either videography/movie production, sound engineering, and/or engineering. My dream is to one day do tornado research/video journalism full time and pursue music/sound engineering on the side.